Gold surges, global prices above $1900: Crude oil jumps four percent


– Silver rises while platinum, palladium retreats

Updated: Oct 14th, 2023

Mumbai: The prices of gold and silver rose further in the Mumbai jewelery market today. World market news was bullish. Sources of the market said that as the price of gold in the world market has crossed the level of 1900 dollars per ounce, the import cost has increased at home.

Global gold rose as crude oil prices rose by four to four and a half percent in the world market today. The price of gold in the world market rose from 1883 to 1884 to the high price of 1919 to 1920 to 1912 to 1913 dollars per ounce. Behind gold, the global silver price also increased by 22.13 to 22.66 to 22.48 dollars per ounce.

Domestic prices also rose behind the world market. In the Ahmedabad market today, the price of gold increased by Rs.300 per 10 grams to Rs.99.50 to Rs.60,400 and Rs.60,600 to 99.90. While Ahmedabad silver price was Rs.71000 per kg. Meanwhile, Brent Crude prices rose to $89.54 from $89.94 amid the war effect in the global market. While the price of US crude was higher at 86.91 to 86.53 dollars.

882 dollars per ounce was being discussed amid the decline in platinum prices in the world market. While the price of palladium fell to 11143 dollars. In the Mumbai bullion market, gold prices were Rs.58,163 at Rs.57,911 at 99.50 and Rs.58,396 at Rs.58,144 at 99.90 while Mumbai silver was at Rs.69,699 at Rs.69,731 without GST.

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