Gold bicycle presented in Dubai, weight 4 kg: price 3.40 crores


News of Wednesday, 11th October 2023

Gold bicycle presented in Dubai, weight 4 kg: price 3.40 crores

Dubai, Date: 11: Dubai is known for its luxurious life. Here you can find luxury cars (Luxury Cars) and have heard of the collection of bikes that are worth in crores. But now one cycle is grabbing the world’s attention because of its price. Have you ever seen a bicycle that costs crores?

Let us tell you that recently a bicycle has been launched in Dubai which is priced as the world’s most luxurious and comfortable car. Mercedes-Benz And Rolls-Royce More than Rs 3.40 crore has been kept. You may wonder why the price of the bicycle is so high? In fact, this bicycle is completely made of gold.

Recently UAE The 52nd Watch and Jewelery Expo event was held in Sharjah. In which the gold and jewelery store of Al Romaizan in Dubai has estimated this gold bicycle. According to reports, the price of this golden bicycle has been kept at 15 lakh dirhams according to the currency of Dubai. So the price of this bicycle will be approximately 3.40 crore rupees in Indian currency.

This bicycle is made of pure 24 carat gold. The managers of Al Romaizan’s gold and jewelery store have displayed it in a jewelery exhibition.

This bicycle has some unique features. It is actually designed like a British race bike. The total weight of this golden bicycle is about 7 kg. Out of which 4 kg of 24 carat gold has been used. The handle bars of this golden bicycle, wheel stays, gears and chains etc. are made of gold. Also this bicycle is superbly designed with shiny finishing.

The special thing is that this gold cycle is completely designed by hand. Let us tell you that 20 employees have worked continuously for six months to make this golden cycle.

Buyers of this bicycle can not only keep it as a showpiece at home but also ride it on the road.

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