France: One teacher killed, two students injured in school attack by a man chanting religious slogans


Updated: Oct 14th, 2023

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Paris, 14 October 2023, Saturday

A teacher has been killed and two other students have been injured after a fundamentalist attacker broke into a French school.

After this incident, French President Macron visited this school. He said that France has become a victim of Islamic terrorism. Three years ago, a teacher, Samuel Petty, was killed in a similar manner due to religious fundamentalism, and since then, terrorism has been spreading in schools again.

He said that France is becoming a victim of fundamentalist religious ideology. Once again the teacher was killed in a cowardly manner. However, the people of the country are standing firm with each other.

According to the details, on Friday, an attacker entered a school in the city of Arras in northern France with a weapon and was also chanting religious slogans. Meanwhile, two teachers, staff and students tried to stop him. In which one teacher was killed and two other students were injured. Even after that, the accused continued to raise religious slogans.

The police surrounded the school from all sides and arrested the attacker. The attacker is alleged to be affiliated with an Islamic fundamentalist organization and a former student of the school.

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