Filmy Punekar! Interesting things came out in the survey, 29 percent of citizens prefer to watch movies with whom? – 41 percent Punekars are eager to go to the theater every two weeks to watch movies


Pune: Pune people who like variety of food and drink, dress are now also fascinated by movies. Pune residents want to watch at least one movie every fortnight. Therefore, it has come to light that many films are getting ‘housefull’ response in Pune.

This has come out from a recent survey. 41 percent of the Pune residents who participated in this survey are eager to go to the theater every fortnight to watch movies. Interestingly, this includes the young generation as well as middle-aged individuals and their families. It is special that all these groups still consider the content of the film as ‘king’.

The survey was conducted in Pune and other important cities of the country by ‘Book My Show’, which provides the facility of online booking of movies. Some interesting things have come out of it. 46 percent of these fans think that the content of the film, its story is the life of the film. Because of this, citizens decide whether to go to the cinema and watch a movie based on who the actors are, rather than what the story is about.
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The survey also mentioned that 29 percent of these fans prefer to watch it with their wife, girlfriend or friend. Apart from Pune city, film lovers in other cities of the country have also been interviewed and their opinions have been sought in this survey. This includes 41 percent of the youth in the age group of 18 to 20, 59 percent of the citizens in the age group of 25 to 40 and 40 to 58.

Indians’ love for movies has grown tremendously. There is also a great demand for films with content. The effective use of technology in movies is also a plus, the survey shows that more citizens are turning to cinema halls.
– Ashish Saxena, Chief Operating Officer, ‘Book My Show’
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After the corona period, the number of people coming to cinemas is increasing day by day. If the movie is good, the audience prefers to watch it in theaters itself. A survey conducted by ‘Book My Show’ at major theaters in the city has shown an increase in movie audience. The response to the film’s ‘online booking’ has also increased. Discounts are being given on the ticket prices to divert the audience to the theaters.
– Arvind Chafalkar, Director, City Pride Cinemas

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Last year, ‘Film Day’ was celebrated in various cities of the country. On the same lines, this year also on Friday (October 13) fans had the opportunity to watch movies in many multiplexes at a very low price. Therefore, it was seen that many ‘shows’ received a lot of response from Friday morning.

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