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Entertainment Live : Entertainment world says that there is a new gossip every day. Besides, what is happening in daily serials? What is going on in the Bollywood world right now? We are going to give you complete and quick information about what is going on in the lives of our beloved actresses and actors. All the fans are eager to know about their beloved celebs. Not only this, everyone is also curious about what is happening in the world of entertainment. We will be the first to bring you some of the latest news.

Tumbbad: Saying “Hastar” is still a thorn in the side; Five years of ‘Tumbaad’, every frame of the movie is attention-grabbing!

Tumbbad: There are certain films that have a special place in the mind. Even if the names of those films are taken, the complete film stands in front of the eyes. Like this Tumbad The movie (Tumbbad) was released on 12 October 2018. It has been five years since the release of this film. Many still remember every single frame of this film. The cinematography of the film, the plot of the film, the performance of the actors in the film won the hearts of the audience. The film Tumbad has completed five years. On this occasion, the director of the film Rahi Anil Barve has shared a special post on social media.

Sundara Manamadhe Bharli: How much did she get for “Sundara Manamadhe Bharli”? Netizen’s Question; Actress Answers Says…

Sundara Manamadhe Bharli: sundara manamadhe bharli This small screen serial got special liking from the audience. The pair of Latika and Abhimanyu in this series won the hearts of the audience. actress By Aditi Dravid (Aditi Dravid) played the role of Nandini in this serial. Aditi recently did an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. In this session, Aditi answered the questions of the netizens. Aditi’s answers to fans’ questions have caught the attention of many.

Madhuri Pawar: “How can we get used to living without you in the next journey?”; Madhuri Pawar’s emotional post after the death of her brother

Madhuri Pawar: A mountain of grief has fallen on actress and dancer Madhuri Pawar. Madhuri’s Akshay passed away 12 days ago. After the death of her brother, Madhuri shared an emotional post on social media. Madhuri has brought to light the memories of her brother through this post. Also, Madhuri has expressed her feelings through this post.

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