Dolphins star Tyreek Hill shockingly says he will retire after his current contract expires


Tyreek Hill is one of the most exciting players in the NFL, but if you want to see him play, you better do it soon, because he may not be around much longer. The Dolphins receiver, who is starting the best season of his career, is already thinking about retirement and it looks like he plans to retire much sooner than anyone expected.

During an interview on the Totally Offensive podcast this week, Hill was asked how much longer he plans to play and he gave a very surprising answer. The 29-year-old playmaker, who has just finished his seventh season, plans to play just three more years.

“I’m going for 10,” Hill said. “I’m going to finish this contract with the Dolphins and then I’m out.”

If Hill ends up playing 10 seasons, that means he’ll retire after the 2025 season.

There’s no guarantee that Hill will stick to that timeline, but if he does, it’s absolutely shocking news for an exciting player like Hill, who is still at the top of his game. During the 2022 season, Hill caught 119 passes for 1,710 yards. Not only were both numbers career highs, but they both ranked second in the NFL.

If you’re wondering how serious Hill is about retiring, he seems pretty determined, and the most telling sign is that he already knows what he wants to do with his life after football.

“So I really want to get into the gaming space,” Hill said. “I really want to get huge at that and that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m using my platform to create a game team, which hasn’t launched yet. It should launch by the end of this month. I’m going just contracting different content creators, different athletes. I just worked on that and talked to different sponsors.”

Hill also said he might want to get into the “business side” of football and might even consider coaching.

“I want to do so many things in my life,” Hill said.

During the lengthy interview, Hill also touched on several other topics. In addition to talking about retirement, Hill also revealed what led him to request a trade from the Chiefs in 2022. And if fans in Kansas City are looking for someone in charge of trade demand, that person should probably be Christian Kirk.

Following Kansas City’s loss to the Bengals in the AFC title game, Hill received a call from his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, asking if the receiver was interested in a new off-season contract.

Hill’s answer?

“Let’s see what happens off-season and we’ll take it from there,” said the receiver.

After Kirk signed a four-year, $72 million deal with the Jaguars, Hill was determined to get a new contract that surpassed Kirk’s.

“Christian Kirk has a crazy deal,” said Hill. “He signed a deal and he surpassed me and… I’m not going to give Christian Kirk a higher contract than me. I’m not. I’m just not.”

The Chiefs would not pay his asking price, which led to his trade request. In the end Hill was shipped to Miamiwhere he signed a four-year, $120 million extension.

The Dolphins are actually playing the Chiefs this year and Hill is already looking forward to that matchup. The game is expected to be played in Kansas City, and if all goes according to plan for the receiver, he will pull out his patented peace sign against his old team.

“I hate to say it, I hate to throw the peace sign at you guys,” Hill said. “I hate doing it, but guess what? I’ll be your worst enemy that day.”

While he won’t support the Chiefs when they play the Dolphins, Hill still seems to love the team that drafted him. The receiver said he saw Kansas City win the Super Bowl from Japan and leaned on his old teammates like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

“I was in Tokyo watching the Super Bowl, so I was watching and I was just happy for my boys,” Hill said. “Even though I wasn’t part of it, I still feel like I’m part of it. Watching [Mahomes] and Kelce win. Watching [Andy Reid] get another Super Bowl ring to add to his great career as a head coach… it felt good to see the boys win.

Hill didn’t get a Super Bowl ring this year, but he did make the playoffs with the Dolphins, meaning he’s now made the postseason seven times in his seven-year career, including 2019, when he won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs.

The interview with Hill lasted almost 45 minutes and you can watch it all by clicking here.

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