Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s Love Story Is Truly the Sweetest Thing


“He’s really taught me to value myself a lot more,” Cameron reflected on Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast in 2022. She didn’t necessarily expect to get that from marriage, she explained, because she was used to “receiving so much validation elsewhere and in all these other ways.”

But Benji and Raddix were all that mattered. “We know that, no matter what, we can just go and be just a family anywhere and we’re fine,” Cameron said. “We don’t need any of the things that we have—other than each other.”

Though now they might need a record player, Benji sharing recently—in the rarest of comments about his family world—that there was always music on at home.

“The song in our house right now is ‘Rock and a Hard Place,’ [by] Bailey Zimmerman,” the 44-year-old said on TODAY in October. “My daughter always says, ‘Play “dam is broken.”‘” He laughed at the reference to the lyric that actually goes, “It ain’t broke yet, but damn, it needs fixin’,” adding, “We’re listening to records nonstop.”

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