Bombay High Court Slams Central Government Over Numbers Of Pending Cases


Mumbai : The statistics of pending cases have increased because of you, you repeatedly request adjournment of hearings. It is because of you that this pile of pending cases is increasing and you are blaming the court. Then, before blaming the court, do a self-examination, the Bombay High Court has told the central government.

A bench of Justice Gautam Patel and Justice Kamal Khata has heard the central government. This petition before us for hearing was filed in the year 2016. And to this your affidavit and the petitioner’s reply have now been filed. The High Court expressed its displeasure with the central government in these words, “You are asking for adjournment of the hearing because the Additional Solicitor General does not have time at present?, Don’t you have another lawyer?”

What is Petition:

Pune resident Ramkali Gupta Adv. The petition has been filed in Bombay High Court through Sanjay Kshirsagar. It was heard before a bench of Justice Gautam Patel and Justice Kamal Khata. They have a place in the air force area at Lohgaon. But the Defense Department denied them permission to build there, claiming that the place falls within our airspace. As per rules, no construction can be done up to 100 meters from the Defense Force boundary. But our place is 1.6 km away from their Air Force Base. Therefore, a demand has been made through this petition that permission should be given for the construction. The High Court has adjourned the hearing till October 23, 2023, ordering that the central government should submit its reply on the basis of the map submitted by Gupta.

You were given time to prepare at the hearing in August 2023. Still you are not prepared, petitioner’s place is in air force area. So you are not allowing him to construct. Now you have to measure the place again. So what have you been doing since 2016? Who stopped you from surveying this place? You are the defense force, you are the central government, and you alone cannot protect your place? So what will you do to protect the common man? Presented.

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