‘Bollywood has lost its voice’, Suniel Shetty took a dig at new actors, also spoke on the relationship with Sanjay Dutt – suniel shetty says bollywood has lost its voice unity is missing from sets


Famous actors of the 90s, Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Shetty are in the news these days. Both were seen in the first episode of the show ‘Star vs Food Survival’ coming on OTT. It is being hosted by Ranveer Brar. Videos of Sunil Shetty and Sanjay Dutt have also surfaced, in which they are seen cooking something to eat. During this time both of them are seen talking about themselves and the situation of Bollywood.

Actually, Sunil Shetty, in a conversation with ‘The Indian Express.com’, called the experience of the show wonderful. He also told how the presence of his friend Sanjay made this journey entertaining. According to the actor, they enjoyed shooting together. The zodiac sign of both is Leo. Both of them have great love for nature. That moment spent together was very good.

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Sanjay Dutt gave the name ‘Anna’

Everyone calls Sunil Shetty as ‘Anna’. The actor also made a new revelation regarding this. Told that this name was not given to him by anyone else but by Sanjay Dutt. According to him, ‘We were shooting for Kaante and my staff used to call me Anna like an elder brother. Sanjay also started saying the same. I remember we were just landing in Los Angeles when 9/11 happened. We had to stay close to the unit and not go out. Those were difficult times. We were looked at differently and it was very strange. But we stayed together and became each other’s strength.

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Sunil Shetty remembered his time

Sunil Shetty told, ‘I remember how we used to eat food together and cherish memories. We became a part of each other’s lives and are still connected with each other. Anyone who grew up reading film magazines would remember how actors would often spend time together during breaks. Used to talk. Actors used to form relationships over food on the sets. But today’s actors immediately go inside their vanity van after shooting.

Sunil Shetty spoke on new actors

Sunil Shetty said that the feeling of belongingness does not come from all this. ‘Today, the industry has no voice. No one stands up against nonsense or comes forward to speak up when fingers are pointed at us. That bond, that unity is missing, that voice is no more. Everything has become weak because there is no one to defend each other. But I think things are coming back. People are standing together. After what we went through, all the hashtags and boycotts, I think it’s time for everyone to stand up for each other.

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