Big relief for common people before festivals: 5% cheaper dal


News of Thursday, 12th October 2023

Big relief for common people before festivals: 5% cheaper dal

Pulses prices fall on rising imports and tight storage: Still expected to fall

Jaipur dt. 12: In terms of inflation before Diwali, there is a relief news for common people. Dal prices have come down by 5 percent. This has affected the prices of tuvere dal and masoor dal in the wholesale market. Due to increase in imports and government’s crackdown on hoarding, prices of pulses have declined. In such a situation, common people hope that dal can become cheaper with Diwali coming.ᅠ

Similarly, the price of the cheapest dal chana has also decreased by 4 percent since last one month. Apart from this, lentil flour has become cheaper by more than 2 percent. Government is selling gram dal cheaply through NAFED. Due to this, gram dal prices are expected to remain soft. Similar indications have also been observed regarding lentil dal

At present the most expensive dal in the market is Tuvar dal. The price of which has decreased by 5 percent during one month. The main reason for the decline has been the over-limitation of stocks for traders and processors. Tuvar dal prices are expected to remain soft for now. Tuwer dal supply from Africa is likely to increase, while demand is expected to remain soft.

In addition to dal, vegetables have also given relief on the price front. The price of tomato had crossed Rs 150 per kg in the retail market in July. At present, its sale in the retail market is Rs 15-20 per kg. Experts say that the price has reached a record level in July.

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