Before going to watch India Pakistan match, is your ticket genuine or fake? Check this way, else…


IND vs PAK Match Tickets: The whole world has become crazy about the India Pakistan World Cup match. Because of this, whenever the tickets for the matches start selling as per the schedule of the World Cup, the tickets for the India-Pakistan match are sold out within seconds. Everyone wants to see this high voltage match on the ground, no matter what they have to pay for it. Taking advantage of this, many youths have started selling fake tickets in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. However, there is nothing to panic. Ahmedabad Crime Branch has arrested these people and has also announced guidelines regarding genuine and fake tickets. Let us tell you that India and Pakistan World Cup 2023 match is to be played on October 14 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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In Ahmedabad, police have arrested 4 people for printing 50 fake match tickets and selling them to fans for Rs 3 lakh. A police officer gave this information. A police officer said that three of the four accused are 18 years old while the fourth is 21 years old. According to Chaitanya Mandlik, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad Crime Branch, preliminary investigation revealed that the accused had first purchased the original ticket of the match and then edited the scanned copy of the original ticket using Photoshop software at one of the accused’s shops. Thus approximately 200 fake tickets were printed.

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India-Pakistan match tickets are in high demand among fans. However, in such a situation cricket fans are becoming victims of fake tickets. Gee… cheaters are taking huge advantage of fan demand. The market for India-Pakistan match fake tickets is constantly growing. So don’t you have a fake ticket too? Aren’t you also a victim of this scam?

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How to distinguish between genuine and fake tickets?

1- Dynamic color-infused paper: Let us tell you that dynamic color-infused paper is used in tickets. If you tamper with the ticket a little, the pink color will appear.

2- A tamper-evident zero feature is included in the ticket, so that any alteration can be easily detected.

3- In fact, the macro security lane is carefully coordinated, which can only be seen with the help of a magnifying glass. This way you can identify genuine and fake tickets.

4- Apart from this each ticket comes with an individual barcode, through which it can be easily identified whether the ticket is genuine or fake.

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