Apple Mumbai Delhi Store Festival Sale; iPhones, iPads | MacBooks | Devices will be available at discounted prices at Apple stores in Mumbai-Delhi, now on sale in Flipkart-Amazon


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Giving information about the festive sale, Apple has created the company’s logo using Cracker Spark.

Apple’s festive sale is starting from October 15. Giving information about it on the official website, the company has created Apple’s logo using Cracker Spark. In this sale, along with iPhone, discounts can also be available on iPad, MacBook and Airpods.

However, the company has not yet given information about how much discount will be available on which products. Also, the company has not told how long will this sale starting on October 15 last? And will there be extra discount on payment through any particular credit card in this sale?

Devices will be available at discounted prices in Mumbai-Delhi stores
According to media reports, in Apple’s festive sale, buyers will be able to buy the device at a discounted price from the company’s official website as well as from its official stores in Mumbai and Delhi.

This is Apple’s first official store in India, which was opened on April 18 in Mumbai.

Festive sale going on in Flipkart-Amazon
Currently, The Big Billion Sale is going on on e-commerce website Flipkart and Great Indian Festival Sale is going on on Amazon. Up to 90% discount is being claimed on both. iPhone-12 is available on Flipkart for ₹39,999, iPhone-13 for ₹51,999 and iPhone-14 for ₹64,999. All iPhone prices are for the starting variant. Different discounts are available in different variants. Apart from this, other smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, wireless earbuds are also available at discounted prices.

How do companies give huge discounts?
Before understanding the mathematics of discount, we have to understand how Flipkart and Amazon work? Actually, these companies are like intermediaries that connect vendors and customers through their platform. These companies provide platforms to vendors to sell goods through their websites and in return take commission on sales.

  • The objective of any company’s sale is to increase sales volume. This increases the customer base. Remember 2016, when Jio was providing free 4G internet across India. Everyone was standing in the SIM queue. This was Jio’s strategy to acquire more and more customers. Similarly, Amazon-Flipkart also give huge discounts to attract customers.
  • Both platform and vendor play a role in giving 80-90% discount. Platforms reduce their commission during sales. Let us understand the role of the vendor with the example of clothes. Big brands try to clear old stock by giving discounts every year, but to maintain their brand identity, they are able to give discounts only up to a limit.
  • In these situations a liquidator buys a large amount of stock from the company at 20-30% of the retail price. After this he puts it up for sale on a small margin. There is no doubt that online platforms sell many products at a loss, but they know that once customers get used to buying products from them, they will be able to make profits in the long run.
  • Everyone must have read the profit formula in school. Profit = Selling Price – Cost Price. Cost price means how much the product was made for and selling price means how much the product was sold for. If any product is sold in large quantities then its cost reduces. Because manufacturing products in larger quantities reduces costs.
  • Margins may be low in bulk sales, but earnings increase as volume increases. Things like mobile, TV, laptop, AC are available at such huge discounts only because they are sold in bulk. Due to selling in bulk, the profit of the company as well as the vendor increases. Due to all the above reasons, customers are able to get 80-90% discount on items in the sale.

Is this sale really beneficial for customers?
We need many products and services every day. So if essential items are available at discounted prices, why say no to it? Now let us look at its other aspect. If you are buying anything because it is available at a discount, then there is no point in buying it. In a way this is a waste of money. Therefore, how beneficial the sale is depends on yourself.

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