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There are many upcoming twists and turns in Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer serial Anupama. Everything will change after Samar’s death in the show. In the coming days, Nirmit will once again enter…





Many twists are coming these days in Rajan Shahi and StarPlus’s favorite serial Anupama. The serial often maintains its place at number one in the TRP list. Ever since the track of Samar’s death has been playing in the show. Fans have become very excited to watch the next episode. Things have almost reached its end between Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna. After several weeks of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Samar will die in Anupamaa serial. Now in the latest track, Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) behaves badly with Anuj (Gaurav Khanna). Samar was very close to Anupama. He always supported and inspired him. Samar was also about to become a father and at this very moment this scene of death broke his heart. It was very emotionally draining for the audience to watch the scenes and for the actors to perform. Anupama is heartbroken to know that Samar will never come back into her life. Dimpy also gets extremely hurt thinking about Samar and her future child. Amidst all this, Vanraj starts blaming Anuj for Samar’s death. He also apologizes to Anuj for being alive. Anupama does not react to this but asks Anuj to leave her alone.

Anupama is devastated by her son’s death.

Fans are very upset because Anupama’s biggest support system is no longer a part of her life. In a shocking turn of events, Sonu murders Samar. However, that was never the goal. He fired at Anuj Kapadia, but Samar pushed him and the bullet hit him. He lost his life on the spot. Anupama refused to accept that her son was no more. She started crying loudly in front of the Shah family members. Dimple, who is pregnant with Samar’s baby, faced trauma during her pregnancy as her husband died days after she announced she was expecting her first child. .

Anupama-Anuj will get divorced

There is talk that Anupama and Anuj may get divorced in the show aired on Star Plus. However, Filmibeat rubbished the rumour, saying that of course, a separation is going to happen, but the audience will not see a divorce. If the source is to be believed, “As of now, Anupama is not taking a divorce. However, there is a possibility of separation as the Shah family members including Baa and Vanraj will influence Anupama to take a big decision. How does she react after Samar’s death? This will form the essence of the story.” It is also possible that Baa will ask Anupama to come back with Vanraj again.

Anupama’s new entry after Samar’s death

While fans are still mourning Samar’s death, gossip mills are suggesting that a character will re-enter the serial. There is speculation that Nirmit will return to Anupama after Sagar Parekh’s exit from the hit show. Although there is no official confirmation about this, but a report in ETimes has suggested that Rishabh Jaiswal may be seen in the show after Samar’s demise. It is expected that he will once again pair up with Dimple aka Nishi Saxena. Let us tell you that Rishabh, who is currently a part of MTV Roadies – Karma Ya Kand, was seen as Dimple’s love interest in the show before her exit. If things go according to plan, he may make a comeback in the show as Anupama will reportedly pair him with her daughter-in-law Dimpy, who is heartbroken after her husband’s death.

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