An official of the Assam State Police has been booked for allegedly torturing a domestic servant


An underage girl, unable to bear the torture from the teachers, puts an end to her life in Kataka. Image source: IANS News

Guwahati, August 27: A criminal complaint was filed against a female Assam police official on Sunday, alleging mistreatment of her domestic servant, imprisoning her for several days in her home and pouring boiling water on her.

The accused has been identified as Subhalakshmi Dutta, a Sub-Police Officer (SDPO) working in Sivasagar district.

Anima Praga, a victim from Nazira district of the district, filed an FIR against Dutta on Saturday accusing her of being imprisoned and tortured for several days.

Braga said in the FIR that the policeman locked her in the toilet of the police headquarters and poured boiling water on her.

“Dutta was abusing me a few days ago and bullying me into silence. She is a high-ranking police officer, and I didn’t have the nerve to challenge her. But now, things have gone too far, and I think it will be worse if I don’t stand up for my safety,” she added.

While Sivasgar Police Superintendent Subrajyoti Bora told the media that they would check to see if there were any such complaints, Director General of Police Gyanendra Pratap Singh announced Sunday night through a post on social media that SDPO Subhalakshmi Dutta was the subject of a criminal investigation.

“The incident of assault on a housemaid in Nazira by a serving police officer has been reported. A criminal case has been registered in Nazira and investigation is underway. Assam Police Headquarters has ordered an investigation into this allegation.”

According to police reports, Anima Praga’s body had clear signs of external injuries during the initial investigation. “She underwent medical examinations, and as soon as the reports arrive, we will submit them to the authorities,” said one of the officials.


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Source: IANS

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