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Amreli: The rural areas of Amreli have experienced rain again. Chalala and surrounding areas have received rainy weather. After the unbearable heat, there is a coolness in the raining atmosphere. During Navratri itself, the rains have spread anxiety among the sportsmen. Garba organizers are also worried. On the other hand, it rained in the evening in Kunkawav village as well. And major markets were flooded.

Amreli: Rainy weather again in rural areas of Amreli. It has rained in Chalala and surrounding parishes. After the unbearable heat, the rain has cooled down in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, there has been heavy rain in Kunkawav Panthak. Major markets have been flooded following heavy rains. A wave of anxiety has spread among the garba organizers as the rains started again at the time of Navratri festival. So in this direction, concern has also spread among the players.

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Meanwhile, there was heavy rain in Junagadh as well. The city received inches of rain in two hours while Girnar hill also received three inches of rain. Low-lying areas were flooded due to torrential rains. The atmosphere turned again with black clouds in the sky and cold wind.

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