always-avoid-the-moon-dust-present-on-the-moon | Astronauts: Why do astronauts always stay away from this thing on the moon? Just one particle of it can cause death


Astronauts: Since the landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon, Indian people’s interest in the moon has increased. People now want to know everything about the moon. That’s why today we are going to tell you about one thing on the moon that astronauts always stay away from. It is so dangerous that it can kill an astronaut if it accidentally gets inside. So let’s find out what is the thing that astronauts stay away from.

What is this dangerous thing?
This dangerous substance is nothing but lunar soil. Scientists also call it gun powder. It is not like earth’s soil, it is so dangerous that even a single particle of it can be fatal if it enters a human being. This substance known as moon dust in English is no less than poison for every human being on earth.

How dangerous is moon dust?
NASA astronaut Kate Greene said in one of her interviews that the lunar dust was formed by the impact of millions of meteorites on the moon. It is rich in metals like silica and iron. Now let’s know how it became dangerous. In reality, the Moon has neither air nor water, in which case lunar dust becomes very sharp over time. And when it gets inside someone, it becomes very dangerous.

The astronaut’s life was saved
In 1972, NASA astronaut Harrison Smith, who was part of the Apollo 17 mission, became a victim of this dangerous object. In fact, when Smita landed on the moon, some of the moon dust stuck to her space suit while returning to the spacecraft. After some time this moon dust got into Smita by breathing. Within minutes of this happening, Smita’s eyes turned red, her nose started running and she started having trouble breathing. Smita’s life was saved with great difficulty by the other astronauts present there. Since then, astronauts have always avoided this dangerous object.

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