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Dhanashree Kadgaonkar is an actress who rose to fame by playing the role of gray shade in popular serials like ‘Tujyaat Jeev Rangla’, ‘Tu Chal Pudham’. Tejashree has become popular in a short span of time due to her good acting. Originally from Pune, Dhanashree has recently bought her rightful house in Mumbai. Posting some photos on social media, she informed her fans about her new home. After that now she has told about the journey of buying a house.

Recently, Dhanashree shared the story of her home on her YouTube channel. She has told what she had to face while buying this house. What is special is that she added one rupee to buy this house. Not only this, she also said that after buying the house, there was no money left for the interior.

“Currently I am in my new house. I come here from time to time. Because the interior of this house is left and I am thinking about how to do it, what to do. I have some friends and I am discussing with them. Now one person came who They tell me how to do the interior. But this interior is really expensive. All the money is spent in buying the house. So there is no money left for the interior. We decided to move into the new house by October 2023. Durvesh’s birthday is on 10th October so till then “We had already decided to make our house in Mumbai. What’s more, to achieve this goal, we even wrote it down in the house so that positive thoughts remain,” said Dhanashree.

She further says, 3-4 months after taking the serial Tu Chal Paadha, we started looking for a house in Mumbai. After seeing this house we both loved it. Because airy space is beautiful. We wanted the top floor. But, he got nothing. This house is on the second floor. Then we thought that everything is good. Finally we got the possession of the house and now slowly the furniture work has started. We will shift here in a few days.”

Meanwhile, Dhanashree has bought a house in Mumbai a few days ago. Dhanshree is currently playing the role of Shilpi in the serial Tu Chal Udaam. Even though Shilpi is a gray shade role, she is getting popular with the audience.

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