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Ajit Pawar: My brothers and sisters… Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has written a letter to the people of Maharashtra. In this letter, he has drawn attention to important issues. He has presented a complete account. What exactly did Ajit Dada say in his letter addressed to the public? Read more…

Ajit Pawar : Joining coalition government...;  Ajit Pawar's letter to the people of Maharashtra

Mumbai | 10 October 2023 : On the one hand, the Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has written a letter while the discussion of displeasure is going on. Ajit Pawar has written a letter addressed to the people of Maharashtra. Today, 100 days have been completed since Ajit Pawar group of NCP joined the coalition government. On this occasion, Ajitdad has written a letter to the public. Ajit Pawar has started the letter by saying, “My brothers and sisters in Maharashtra”. In this letter he referred to himself as the National President. In this, he has given an account of the working of the coalition government.

As per Ajit Pawar’s letter

Ajit Pawar

National President

My brothers and sisters in Maharashtra…

Today on October 10, 2023, it is 100 days since NCP joined the grand coalition government. On that occasion I am communicating with all of you today through this letter. The Nationalist Congress Party has always preserved the legacy of the ideal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the thoughts of Phule Shahu-Ambedkar and the policy of public welfare of the venerable Yashwantrao Chavan. It is my promise to all of you that the Nationalist Congress Party under my leadership will continue to preserve this tradition in the future.

In the political history of Maharashtra, many big leaders have taken decisions with different political stances. Such decisions have to be taken by every political leader according to the political and social situation of that time. Taking a similar stance, the Nationalist Congress Party under my leadership joined the grand coalition government on July 2, 2023.

I have stated many times in different forums that the formula of ‘power to support the masses and accountability to the people’ is the formula put forward by late Yashwantrao Chavan Saheb while doing social work. Through this letter, I would like to assure you that ‘Vasa Vikachacha and Vikahar Bahujancha’ will be the formula of our Nationalist Party being in power, taking the example of great men from this role.

Each time is different and the challenges of each time are also different, according to that time, people’s representatives have to work in the society for the welfare of the people, to solve their problems, facing those challenges. We owe it to the people and that is why people have trusted us and elected us as their representatives, a role I and all my colleagues believe in.

This is my word to all of you that you will not fail to realize from the work of me and all my colleagues that in the coming years the Nationalist Congress Party will be working in the state government in the role of protecting the interests of farmers, youth, women and various social elements of Maharashtra.

Beyond politics, the state government has to work on the issues of hunger, unemployment and inflation. Along with that, employment, economic empowerment of all social groups, education, health, effective implementation of public welfare schemes is the objective of the state government. In the coming time, we will do this work more vigorously through the NCP party as well as through the power in the state government on all these issues.

I believe that criticism is a part of a political leader’s life and I always appreciate positive criticism. But political criticism for the sake of politics is not my province. I am a political activist who believes in positive, developmental politics. I believe that my mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of people through whatever work I undertake.

As we join the new government, we will carry forward the position I have outlined above. We have walked on this path for the last hundred days and I would like to convey to you all through this letter today the belief that we will continue to do so. That’s all for now. This correspondence with you will continue.

Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra

Ajit Pawar

National President Nationalist Congress Party

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