Adani Group Condemns Financial Times Malicious Campaign To Tarnish Its Global Reputation – Adani Group rejects Financial Times report – Campaign being run to tarnish our image…


Adani Group rejected the report of 'Financial Times' -

New Delhi:

Adani Group has rejected the recent report by UK-based newspaper ‘Financial Times’ and its associates and accused ‘Financial Times’ of running a campaign to tarnish its reputation and image. Issuing a statement, the group said, “The ‘Financial Times’ and its associates are again trying to make an old and baseless allegation to defame the Adani Group… The articles of the ‘Financial Times’ are being published by vested interests in the guise of public interest. are part of an expanded campaign to advance…”

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In a statement issued on this matter on Monday, Adani Group said, “Continuing its campaign, a new attack is being made by bringing forward Dan McCrum of ‘Financial Times’, who along with OCCRP, Adani Group on August 31, 2023. Had presented a false story against… ‘Financial Times’ in collaboration with OCCRP is creating this fake story, the purpose of which is to harm Adani Group… George Soros is behind OCCRP, who is openly against Adani Group. Used to be…”

The statement said, “After failing earlier, ‘Financial Times’ is now making another attempt to financially destabilize the Adani Group by raising old and baseless allegations of over-invoicing of coal imports. ” According to the group, The proposed story of ‘Financial Times’ is based on DRI’s General Alert Circular No. 11/2016/CI dated March 30, 2016. The ill-intentioned agenda of ‘Financial Times’ is exposed by the fact that they have named only Adani Group, whereas the DRI circular mentions at least 40 importers.

Adani Group said the show cause notice issued by the DRI alleging overvaluation in coal imports in the case of Knowledge Infrastructure, one of the 40 importers mentioned in the General Alert Circular, was quashed by the Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT). Apart from this, DRI’s appeal in the Supreme Court was rejected due to its withdrawal on January 24, 2023. The court had said, “We appreciate the government’s stance of not getting involved in unnecessary litigation…” Adani Group said in the statement that it was clear that the issue of overvaluation in coal imports would have to be decided in the Supreme Court of India. It was formally settled.

The statement concluded, “While we deny all such allegations, which are false and baseless, we also condemn these deliberate and motivated attempts to destabilize the Adani Group… We We are a company that adheres to all rules, regulations and disclosure laws with respect for the rule of law…”

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