Actor “Akhari Sach” Ferdous Hasan is fluent in Japanese


Actor “Akhari Sach” Ferdous Hasan is fluent in Japanese. Image source: IANS News

Mumbai, August 27: Actor Ferdous Hasan, whose recently released show “Aakhri Sach” got a lot of positive response, said he is well versed in Japanese. He has a bachelor’s degree in Japanese language from JNU University, and is proficient in reading and writing Japanese.

Firdaus started his acting career in Delhi in 2003 when he came from Bihar to study at JNU. He came to Delhi because he wanted to join NSD. He received his BA in Japanese from JNU, at which time he started theater from Jana Natya Manch, Safdar Hashmi Theater Group.

Soon, he learns of the audition for the movie ‘Lakshya’. He auditioned and was selected. After filming that, he came to Bombay for a vacation and got his second film, Veer Zara, and that’s how the ball started rolling for him as an actor.

However, the actor faced a difficult situation during the COVID-19 pandemic in India where he was seeking work. Talking about how he got his role in ‘Aakhri Sach’, Firdaus told IANS, “In 2022, I got a call from ‘Mukesh Chhabra’s office that they had a role and if I wanted to audition for that role. But at that time I had already decided that I would take a break from acting and move to Japan because I am a Japanese expert and settle down with my family and later, after a few years, I can continue acting.”

He also added, “But then, I auditioned for this role but there was no response for two weeks. One day, I got a call from Mukesh Chhabra’s office and they said I had been selected for the role. I was really happy. Every actor has different experience and in my case I got For everything I wanted in the beginning that was bigger than life to me, I feel like things run away from you when you want them most, this is my overall journey,” I don’t call it a struggle but I call it a journey. Everyone gets what they want in life and one should always keep doing a good job.”

The actor also shared that his character walks a fine line where he is neither a hero nor a villain. He said that his character has good intentions but that his faults stand in the way of others perceiving him as a good person.

Talking about his role in the series, Ferdous told IANS, “My role in ‘Aakhri Sach’ is the character of policeman Subodh. He is a newcomer to the police. He has the innocence in him. He is honest, he wants to do it.” Good, but it often happens that because of the pressure of the elderly, he makes some mistakes, so he regrets his mistakes and asks for forgiveness from Tamanna, who is the head of the Central Bank of Iraq and investigates this series. Tamanna forgives him and supports him. Both characters share their personal lives with each other.

“And there’s a good connection between the two. The good thing about my character is that he’s not a hero or a villain. He’s a character who wants to do good, and he has a good soul. Sometimes he makes mistakes but then fixes them. I’m glad I’m part of this show and it was fun doing it. I was relieved that this started after such a long gap, I started this post-lockdown photo shoot. Almost three years later I got this job and it was different fun. It was a different passion.”

Source: IANS

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