A young man was caught doing a dangerous stunt with a girl on Rajkot highway


News of Thursday, 12th October 2023

A young man was caught doing a dangerous stunt with a girl on the Morbi-Rajkot highway

In the video that went viral, the law was made aware of the arrest based on the bike number

The person captured in the picture is seen with a bike. (Photo: Pravin Vyas, Morbi)

(By Pravin Vyas) Morbi dt. 12: There is an example of police taking strict action after several videos of the young lovers who performed dangerous stunts on bikes went viral in Morbi, then again a young man with his female friend went viral and the police arrested the young man based on the bike number.

Isam, who performed a dangerous stunt on the Morbi Rajkot highway, was picked up by the Morbi City A-Division police. Based on the news published in the media of Morbi today, a video of the police driving a motorcycle dangerously along the Morbi Rajkot highway road with his female friend went viral. Based on the motorcycle registration number seen in the video, the name was identified as Balwantbhai Govidbhai Chavda (res.Navyug School Near Naklang Society Street No. .1 Girls Hostel Road Morbi) to a young man named GJ-36-AH-1428 The police made him aware of the law by speeding him with bike number.

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