A woman who returned from Canada with her children recounts personal experiences


Ahmedabad: Those who want to go abroad may find the initial preparations easy, but as various papers, bank details, education, point table etc. are started, they realize that it is not as easy as it seemed in the beginning. Even if you reach there after doing all this, it is even more difficult to survive there to set up with completely different rules, laws, climate than India. Most of the people sit here and think that what we do here is what we have to do there, but it is not really the case, this speaks from the experiences of those who live there or who have lived there. One such experience was shared by a married woman who had everything set from living in Canada to children’s school admission, husband’s business, her job as a teacher, but due to some things she had to come back here.

We have already told you about the experiences of Radhika Sharma (name changed), who has been in Canada for barely two and a half months. However, there are some of his experiences that are important to know for those who want to study or travel to Canada with family. Despite Canada’s rules, secure future for children, getting good jobs after studies etc., the thing that disturbed them the most was the situation like India. Celebrating family gatherings on festivals, supporting family and friends in times of trouble is not as easy as it is in India as it is in Canada. He said that during our stay we did not have to go to the hospital but here even when you go to the hospital it feels very lonely.

Radhika said that her relatives lived there, so she did not face any problem in the beginning, i.e. she got SIM card, health card, driving license, bank account all on the first day, but after staying at her relative’s house for 20-25 days, she got the basement. Got the rent, from here when they had to do everything on their own, little problems started. Started doing all the household chores by myself, starting the children’s school their extra activities etc. and started looking for my own job. He got school admission and got his own job quickly, but with all this, managing the house became a big task. Because in India it is easy to hire people to clean, wash dishes, wash clothes, it is not so easy in Canada. If you want such facilities then you have to spend lakhs per month (in Indian currency).

A girl from Ahmedabad who recently went to Canada told this fact

In this way, most of the families here are doing their housework on their own. This has been mentioned before but people must have heard it again and again but here is a woman who has experience in all these things, as much as it seemed easy in the beginning, it started getting difficult going forward. Here he felt as if he was running around the house, tears often came to his eyes because of this work, so it is not so easy for those who think that everything will be done here.

Discounts on drugs etc., no festive atmosphere, it was not at all possible here if any work stopped in India it would be messed with, apart from this they were financially viable. were to stay, but found it much more difficult than it seemed when making the plan. In the early days, he liked the rules, laws, school admissions etc. but later on, the atmosphere here was not at all what he used to find in his home or family in India. He also said that we do not want to break the morale of people who are going to Canada or are dreaming of going to Canada. But we have talked about what we experienced.

34 year old man did MBA from UK now want to go to Canada, what to do?

However, everyone’s experiences are different

We have also spoken to many Gujarati students and families who have settled there earlier and also told that they are getting more freedom there than here. There are many families and students who find it difficult in the beginning but now this has become a routine for them and they are set with it. A girl named Charmi Chauhan from Ahmedabad who has been living there for 7-8 years said that she got used to the life style here, initially it was difficult but I came with mental preparation that what I have to do. So those who want to go there need to understand the two sides of the coin.

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